Clinicoin's mission is to connect people, providers, researchers, and developers in delivering on the true potential of health technologies, worldwide. We believe collaboration, not competition, will be the driving force behind the success of global health and wellness.

Utilizing mobile technologies, human social interactions, and the blockchain, Clinicoin seeks to empower people in their health and wellness, while providing organizations with simple, affordable, and innovative tools to achieve desired health outcomes in the digital age.

The healthcare industry is in a communications paradigm shift. People have more access to information than ever before. They’re mobile-ready and using technology to track and manage their health. Even so, they make poor or uninformed choices regarding their health and wellness. Up to half of all premature deaths (before age 80) in the U.S. are due to behavioral and other preventable factors.

Combining wellness, healthcare, research, mobile software, and the blockchain, powerful, yet simple programs can be designed to improve and extend the lives of millions of people.

We hope you'll join us by participating in this project to advance communications and drive global innovations in health and wellness.


Regardless of what the mobile phone of the future looks like, messaging and applications will be there. Efficient and effective mobile communications, whether automated, algorithm-based, or through live interactions, will continue to be the cornerstone of engagement in healthcare, wellness, and clinical research. For the past seven years, our team has helped healthcare organizations and research teams communicate more efficiently with their patients, patrons, and study participants using the most popular channel on mobile phones: Text Messaging.

During this time, we have designed and deployed innovative solutions to improve engagement and have identified shortcomings in the mobile health field. We've observed users, interested in using new mobile technologies to manage their health, met with a complexity of choices, unsure of which apps are best suited for them.

Collaborative, Social, and Fun

We've also seen, first hand, that improving health engagement does not need to be time consuming or expensive. Finally, we've discovered that people can be empowered in their health, wellness, and have fun in the process.

Clinicoin’s secure, open source mobile platform leverages mobile messaging, APIs, smart contracts, and a rewards-based ecosystem to incentivize and reward people, providers, and developers for their participation.

We believe it’s time for a “super app” in health and wellness, one that starts with the user, provides much needed solutions, and inspires industry innovation. It should be readily available to users, developers, practitioners, and researchers all over the world, providing them with a simple and inexpensive way to bring solutions to those who need them.

These are the reasons we created the Clinicoin project.